Who will be the No. 1 DJ of the World for 2013? It’s Obvious!

Year after year we see Tiesto and Armin Van Buuren battle for the #1 spot for the DJ Mag top 100 DJ’s of the World. BUT, do you really think they deserve it this year? Don’t get me wrong, these two are extremely talented DJ/ Producers, but what are their achievements this year that show’s they are deserving of being crowd #1? Where are their Grammy’s? Where are their smash hit billboard tracks? Where are their VMA’s? HELL, where are their nominations for any of these awards? It really makes you think as to why they should be #1, when other artist like Calvin Harris and Skrillex are over here getting Grammy’s and currently not even ranked in the top 10 DJ’s of the World?

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I’m going on record now and stating that Calvin Harris should win DJ Mag’s #1 for 2013!

calvin like what

Based off THIS YEAR achievements ALONE he has won;

  • Grammy for Best Short Form Video, “ We Found Love
  • BRIT Awards for “Sweet Nothing
  • NME Award for BOTH “Sweet Nothing” AND “We Found Love
  • ASCAP Pop Music Award for Most Performed Song for, “We Found Love”, “Let’s Go”, “Where Have You Been” and “Feel So Close
  • VMA for “Sweet Nothing” and VMA – Video of the Year for “I Need Your Love
  • Ivor Novello Award for Songwriter Of The Year

ascap calvin

He has been nominated for absolutely every music award category there is for 2012 and 2013! Forbes announced Calvin Harris to be the highest paid DJ of 2013, making over 46 MILLION DOLLARS! He does over 100 shows a year! He got a 20 month residency at Las Vegas Hakkasan Nightclub, alternating nights with Tiesto, which is arguably the best Nightclub in the World! Name one other DJ that has done  what he has in ONE YEAR???? I’ll wait…


Not sold? Well let me just tell you that Calvin Harris now holds the RECORD for the most UK top 10 hits from one album, 18 Months, that BEATS MICHAEL JACKSON! Come on people!! Name another artist in the music industry in general that can compare to Calvin Harris right now?

cert  calvin

There is no way in hell that Tiesto and Armin Van Buuren can beat that! Yes, they have a big following and they will get millions of voters who will vote for them, but where were all those fans for all these music award nominations? They are also based on fans voting!tiesto sadarmin van buuren sad

Don’t underestimate Calvin Harris, he has had one hell of a year, a strong fan base and is totally deserving of the # 1 DJ of The World! Get on DJMAG.com and cast your vote for who is the most deserving, Calvin Harris!

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Posted by DJ Jen Jones on Sep.17, 2013

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